Stay Strong, India, let us overcome the difficulties together! A new batch of donated supplies from HCZ, Fosun Hive’s India-based platform arrived in Mumbai
Release Time:2021-05-17

On May 14, five medical ventilators and 1,000 protective suits donated by HCZ, Fosun Hive’s India-based platform arrived in India smoothly. This is a new batch of supplies donated by HCZ after the first batch of 100,000 KN95 masks arrived in Mumbai. This batch of supplies will be donated to many frontline hospitals and medical institutions in Mumbai and surrounding areas to provide urgent support for the shortage of local medical supplies and oxygen equipment.

The Chinese and Indian teams worked closely to show the world what it is like to be a “community with a shared future for mankind”

“The most painful thing is that when you want to try your best to do something for the people affected by the pandemic, you realized that there is nothing you can do.” Mitesh Mehta, project manager of HCZ, is a native of India. In April, the pandemic situation deteriorated drastically in India. Mitesh learned that the local hospitals could not even arrange a single bed with a ventilator. Meanwhile, the situation was even worse in remote areas. Many lives were lost one after another. The cruel reality made him feel extremely shocked, anxious, and even helpless.

At the end of April, Fosun established a regional command center to combat the pandemic in India. Under the overall deployment of the command center, the overseas Fosun Hive team and HCZ quickly formed an emergency unit to provide support. Mitesh and the HCZ team proactively undertook the responsibility to find out frontline needs. In less than two weeks, the team reached out to dozens of hospitals, medical institutions, NGOs, government departments, etc. in Mumbai and surrounding areas successively to find out the medical supplies that they needed most urgently.

“Ambernath, a small town outside Mumbai where Prasadam, one of HCZ’s residential projects, is located, in particular, had many COVID-19 patients and urgent needed to build ICU beds, but they had far from enough ventilators.” Mitesh immediately conveyed the needs of India to his good brother in China, Xiu Yang of the Overseas Asset Management Department of Fosun Hive.

Like many other staff at the command center, Xiu Yang, who is responsible for meeting India’s supply needs, in addition to his daily busy work schedule, he must always keep an eye on more than a dozen rescue work groups. “Basically, from the moment I get up in the morning until I go to bed at night, I always need to keep an eye on every message circulating in the work groups and reply instantly.”

After receiving Mitesh’s request for help, Xiu Yang quickly reported the request, and the command center responded rapidly and confirmed the rescue plan for 100,000 KN95 masks, 15 ventilators, and 1,000 protective suits. The entire process, from receiving the request for help to confirming the rescue supplies and the quantity required took only five minutes.

 Starting from the end of April, the staff of the command center gave up their rest time and took “no leave or day off” during the May Day holiday to achieve their mission to save lives. They coordinated the production, freight, customs clearance, and local collection of each batch of rescue supplies. Xiu Yang admitted that he is immensely proud of being able to participate in this India rescue operation. “In the early days of the pandemic when Wuhan was in need of emergency aid, it was our colleagues in India and Fosun staff from all over the world who used all means available to them to donate surgical masks and other rescue supplies to Wuhan. As the Chinese proverb goes, the grace of a drop of water shall be reciprocated by a gushing spring. We must not forget the kindness we received.”

Fosun cares residents in India’s slums and stands with them together to fight the pandemic

Like the staff at the command center, Fosun Hive’s Indian platform HCZ staff supervised every process and detail of the rescue supplies day and night in the rescue operation, especially when the local pandemic situation in India was so rampant. With good precautionary measures, many staff stayed at the transit and collection points to ensure that rescue supplies arrived in time.


Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic last year, HCZ is most concerned about the residents in the community of the Malad slums in Mumbai. In a slum with living space per capita of less than 2.5 square meters, a “lockdown” means that whole family has no source of livelihood, and social distancing is practically impossible. If someone were  unfortunately infected by the coronavirus, basically no one in the family would be spared.

HCZ cares deeply about the slum. In the difficult times of the pandemic lockdown last year, it prepared care package consisting of “rice, bread, sugar, and oil” for residents and sent support from Fosun to more than 300 slum families in the areas hit hardest by the pandemic. Many residents lined up to collect the care package, and words are certainly not strong enough to express their gratitude.

HCZ has been rooted in India for many years and has developed a deep connection with the local slums in Mumbai; in addition, Fosun has also become one of the few Chinese-funded enterprises that can directly assist the residents in the slums. Now that the pandemic and lockdown have hit again this year, HCZ will once again urgently distribute these “care packages,” and it is expected that they will be distributed to the residents in the slums in mid-to-late May. Our wills will unite like a fortress, and we will overcome the difficulties together. On the frontline of the slums in Malad, India, Fosun and the people of India are working together to protect our “community with a shared future for mankind.”

Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International, said: Coronavirus recognizes no borders or races. If the pandemic does not end, it will be challenging for the economy and people’s livelihoods to recover around the world. As a global enterprise, we not only care about our staff and customers, but also hope that we can do our part to help the world defeat COVID-19 as soon as possible. As long as we unite, mutually support, and help each other, I believe that we can harness the wisdom of the entire human race and that we will definitely overcome the difficulties and defeat the virus.