Four Trees
Real estate investment, financing and asset management
platform in North America

Real estate investment and
management services for office,
retail, residential and other asset classes

Four Trees was founded in 2017 as Fosun Hive's investment, financing and asset management platform in North America. The organization has assembled a team of market-leading investment, asset management and capital market professionals with deep real estate experience and expertise.

The Four Trees platform operates in major cities throughout North America, identifying opportunities, repositioning assets and creating value across all asset classes. Four Trees actively seeks new projects to expand its mission, while creating synergies with other Fosun business units.

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Strategy & Growth

  • Asset acquisition platform

  • Connect with capital market

  • Enhance asset management

  • Chinese market synergy


Property Acquisition


Asset Management


Capital Market


China Synergy

Our Portfolio

We work to identify, invest in and enhance the value of great businesses.

28 Liberty

Originally developed in 1961 by Chase Manhattan Bank as its headquarters, 28 Liberty was acquired by Fosun in 2013. The Lower M...