Fosun International Receives “Recognition for ESG Disclosure” Certificate from the Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards (HERA)
Release Time:2021-11-02

(28 October 2021, Hong Kong) The award ceremony of the Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards (HERA) 2021, supported by the Environment Bureau and InvestHK under the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and organized by Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards, was held yesterday. Fosun International was granted “Recognition for ESG Disclosure” certificate at HERA 2021, commending the market's recognition of Fosun International in environmental, social, corporate governance (ESG), corporate sustainability, and information disclosure.

Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards (HERA) is a not-for-profit initiative and one of the most prestigious awards for the sustainable development of Hong Kong companies. It aims to recognize companies that have performed outstandingly in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and corporate sustainability. Award winners were strictly selected by an independent panel of judges that composed of experts from various backgrounds such as business, non-governmental organizations, and academia.

Fosun International shoulders global social responsibilities of a global enterprise

Since 2019, Fosun International has established the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Committee under the direct jurisdiction of the board of directors, and established an ESG working group to comprehensively improve ESG management, combined with the its original aspiration of “Self-improvement, Teamwork, Performance and Contribution to Society” and its corporate mission of “Creating Happier Lives for Families Worldwide”, Fosun has integrated the principle of sustainable development into all levels of the Group's operations.

Since the beginning of 2020 up till now, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought huge challenges to global companies. Facing the impact of the pandemic, Fosun promptly activated the wartime mechanism and actively took up corporate social responsibilities while strengthening its organizational action. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out at the beginning of 2020, Wuhan was in lockdown and anti-pandemic supplies were urgently in need, Fosun immediately initiated a global medical supplies deployment plan. It only took Fosun four days to transport 50,000 protective suits from Germany to Wuhan and other anti-pandemic frontlines. This was the first batch of large quantities of protective supplies to betransported from overseas to China. Leveraged on its strong globalization capabilities, Fosun hastransported protective suits, surgical masks, ventilators, etc. from 23 countries. These strategic supplies at critical moments have provided strong support for China to overcome the pandemic. As the overseas pandemic became more serious, Fosun quickly launched the second phase of action to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by sending more supplies to key affected countries and regions.

In addition to leveraging its global resources advantages to urgently deploy protective materials to assist countries affected by the pandemic, Fosun also partnered with Germany’s BioNTech to jointly develop the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine (COMIRNATY®, also known as BNT162b2), exploring cutting-edge technology, actively promoting the implementation of vaccine research and development and the launch of the vaccine, there by providing a strong guarantee for defeating the pandemic. COMIRNATY®, also known as BNT162b2, has been put into use in Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR in March this year, and arrived in the Taiwan region on 2 September 2021, playing an active role in the pandemic prevention and control in Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan region.  

Looking globally, Fosun has been working unremittingly to build a “malaria-free world” for over 15 years. According to the incomplete statistics, a total of 24 antimalarial drugs of Fosun Pharma have passed the Prequalification of Medicine (PQ) certification by the World Health Organization, and Fosun Pharma has supplied more than 200 million artesunate injections to the international market since 2005. Artesun® (artesunate for injection), a proprietary innovative drug of Fosun Pharma has saved more than 40 million lives of patients with severe malaria, most of which are African children under five years old.

Actively promotes the sustainable development of ESG in Fosun’s entire industry operations and obtained excellent ESG ratings

In recent years, Fosun achieved remarkable ESG performance. Its MSCI ESG rating was A and the Hang Seng Sustainability rating was A. Fosun International was selected as a constituent stock of Hang Seng ESG 50 Index (top 50 large-to-mid cap) and it has been included as a constituent stock of the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index, which includes 87 Hong Kong-listed companies with the most outstanding performance in corporate sustainability (top 20% of the Hang Seng Composite Index constituent stocks). Besides, FTSE Russell ESG rating was upgraded significantly, which is higher than the industry average.

In October 2021, CLSA has published the first ESG deep-dived research report on Fosun International. The report has pointed out that Fosun’s ESG mission is clear: actively address the growing demand for corporate sustainability. Fosun has a rigorous structure and policy to ensure business alignment with ESG goals.

As for Fosun, ESG governance is a comprehensive, top-down unified standards and requirements, and a continuous evolutionary process. In recent years, Fosun has performed outstandingly in all aspects of ESG.While developing rapidly,Fosun leverages its own industrial advantages to actively give back to the society through charity activities such as supporting the fight against the pandemic, disaster relief such as flood recovery assistance, rural doctors poverty alleviation, education and culture, and entrepreneurship support. In the future, Fosun International is determined to promote the long-term and sustainable development of its business, committing to creating value for all stakeholders for the long term and fulfilling social responsibility as a corporate citizen.